Possession of the following substances can lead to criminal charges in the State of Florida:

• Marijuana
• cocaine,
• oxycodone,
• hydrocodone,
• heroine,
• ecstasy,
• other number of prescription and non- prescription drugs.

Penalties for possession charges can range from diversion programs, to probation, to jail or prison time depending on the amount possessed and the criminal history of the person charged. Most drug convictions also result in a two-year mandatory driver’s license suspension. However, there are ways this can be avoided when represented by a legal advocate who understands the laws and alternative resolutions to your case.

There are times when the amount of the substance possessed can amount to felony charges for Possession with the Intent to Sell or Trafficking charges. These cases can carry significantly more severe sentences.

Although being faced with drug charges is serious and daunting, there are many defenses to possession charges that can be very effective under certain circumstances. Attorney Laura Kenney has several years of experience as a former Prosecutor handling drug offenses and can put that experience to use on your behalf. If you are facing criminal drug charges call my firm today and I will get started immediately on building your best defense.

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