Domestic violence is governed by a unique statute in the State of Florida that deals specifically with violent acts between spouses, family members and people who share children.   These cases are very personal and are often the result of highly emotional family problems.  It is important for all parties involved to understand that even if the accuser does not want to prosecute their loved one; the State may still decide to proceed with prosecution.

Laura E. Kenney  has a special understanding as former domestic violence prosecutor.  She knows what it takes to file and prove these charges and how to best defend against them.  If you find yourself at the center of a domestic case; either as a victim or as the person charged; call us and we will put our expertise to work on your behalf.



A person may seek an injunction or restraining order when they feel their safety is threatened.  In domestic cases you want the best attorneys on your side whether you are looking for the court to protect you or responding to a request for an injunction against you.

At the Law Office of Laura E. Kenney, we have years of experience and understanding of the legal and factual issues surrounding the injunction process.  If you need protection and an injunction we can represent you.  If someone is seeking an unfair injunction against you, we can also represent you.  Call us today.

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